Paros Day 3

Alexandros Apartments in Naoussa, on the north end of Paros, where we stayed the last two nights was great. What really made it special was Litsa, the owner. She gave us recommendations of things to do and recommended the fantastic Karina Restaurant. Litsa is why our stay on Paros will be so fondly remembered.

Alexandros Apartments
Litsa and us when we checked out this morning

After leaving Naoussa we drove up to the very top of Paros where there are a church and lots of antenna towers. It was very windy and the view was amazing. We could see other island to the east and west (Nexos and Antiparos).

The island of Antiparos from the top of Paros
Duke on top of Paros

From the top of the island we drove down to the east. We stopped in the village of Marmara where we had coffee and treats at a local bakery.

Choosing our treats
Baklava and Greek coffee

Our next stop was the beautiful Tserdakia Beach.

Duke at Tserdakia Beach

Our hotel overlooks the west side of Paros. We had a beautiful sunset from our balcony.

Sunset from our hotel

We went into the town of Paros for dinner. We had very good fish again and had a baked apple with yogurt for desert.

Baked apple and yogurt

We walked along the coast a bit before driving back to the hotel. As we walked the moon was setting.


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