Itineraries for our Current, Future and Previous Trips

Europe and Morocco – Spring 2023 – We are planning a 2 month trip. First we will spend 4 nights in London, then two night in Copenhagen, then to Morocco where we will spend 9 night. Next will be just over two weeks on and around the Spanish French border. Finally we will spend about a week in France, a week in Switzerland and a week in the Czech Republic.

Europe – Fall 2022 – We spent two months in Southern Italy, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia and Greece.

Europe – Spring 2022 – We were planning to spend seven weeks in Portugal, Spain, Morocco and France. Because our friends that we were travelling with came down with Covid we had to cancel the Morocco section of the trip and spend additional time  in Spain instead.

Europe – Fall 2021 – We spent nine weeks in Spain, Andorra, France and Italy.

Summer Road Trip 2021 – We spent three weeks visiting friends and family, attending Duke’s High School Reunion and visiting state capitols.

Europe – Spring 2020 – We visited London, England and Spain (mainland and Canary Islands). Our trip was cut short when Spain closed down because of the corona virus. The itinerary includes our planned stops in Northern Spain, Southern France and Northern Italy.  We are hoping to visit these places when travel is reopened.

South America – Fall 2019 – We visited Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chili.

France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Portugal – Spring 2019

Scandinavia and Ireland – August and September 2018.

British Columbia and Alaska – In June 2018 we had a reunion of Duke and I with my siblings and their spouses at a rented house on Vancouver Island. Before the reunion Duke and I took the Alaska State Ferry to Glacier Bay National Park and Juneau, Alaska.

Europe – Spring 2018 – In February and March 2018 we spent two months in Spain and northern Europe. We spent time in Spain, Andorra,  France The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Part of that time was travelling with our good friends Bonnie and Brian and Ray and Linda.

Ecuador, Columbia, Panama and Costa Rica – Fall 2017 –  In September and October, 2017. We flew into Quito, Ecuador, took buses north into Columbia ending up in Bogata. We then flew to Panama, spent a few days there and then flew to San Jose, Costa Rica. Where we spent three weeks driving and exploring Costa Rica before flying home.

Europe 2017 – In February and March 2017 we traveled through Spain, Andorra, France, Monaco, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. If you click on the trip name you will see our itinerary with links to our blog posts..

Peru Ecuador 2016 – In September and October 2016 we spent two months exploring Ecuador and Peru. If you click on the trip name you will see our itinerary with links to my blog posts about the trip.

Europe 2016 – Two months exploring Spain, Portugal and a bit of Turkey.

Off Road Nevada, Idaho, Utah – August 2015 –  Sawtooth National Forest and City of Rocks National Reserve, Golden Spike National Historic Site and then along the 90 mile back country byway on the old rail grade.

Road Trip 2015 – A five week trip through Glacier National Park, across Canada to Lake of the Woods, through Minneapolis to Manchester, Iowa for Duke’s 45th High School Reunion and then down the Mississippi and across the southwest back to Reno.

Road Trip Spring 2014 – An almost six week long road trip through the US, Mexico and Guatemala – 7075 miles.

Road Trip Spring 2013 – We flew to New Orleans, rented a car and drove up the east coast, then took the train home to Reno.

Road Trip Fall 2012 – A three week road trip. From Reno we went north into Canada and Jasper National Park then to Vancouver and then south through the Olympic Peninsula.

September 2012 Camping – Camping north of Winnemucca and our flat tire adventure.

August 2012 Camping  – Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park and Columbine Campground

Road Trip Spring 2012 – We left Reno May 2 and drove across the US and into Canada. Our farthest point was Prince Edward Island. From there we returned through Canada and back into the U.S. at Sault Ste Marie. In total we traveled 9,294 miles and visited 29 U.S. states and 5 Canadian provinces.

Road Trip 2011 – We drove down the gulf coast to the Yucatan then through Oaxaca and Mexico City and back north crossing  into the U.S. at Nogales.

Australia 2010 – A four week eastern Australia Road Trip.

July 2010 Camping – Blue Lakes, Nevada

Road Trip Summer 2010 – Through Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. Duke’s 40th high school reunion.

October 2009 Road Trip – Through eastern Oregon and Washington.

October 2009 Camping – Exploring the backroads of middle and eastern Nevada.

Hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail – Over several months in 2008 and 2009 we hiked all of the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Summer 2009 Road Trip – Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Ontario and a fly in fishing trip.

April 2009 Road Trip – 10 days exploring northwestern Nevada and southeastern Oregon.

January 2009 – New York City

Road Trip 2008 – Yellowstone National Park, Bismark, North Dakota,  My birth place Hibbing, Minnesota, Duke’s birth place Manchester Iowa. Estes Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Junction Colorado, Colorado National Monument, Arches National Park , Great Basin National Park

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