2022 Spring – Europe – Portugal, Spain, and France

Our original itinerary for this trip included almost a week in Morocco. The day before our flight to Tangiers we took the required covid tests. The friends we were travelling with tested positive.

As a result we had to replan what would have been the Morocco part of the trip on the fly. Here is the itinerary that we actually followed with links to the blog posts. I’ve saved our original Morocco itinerary at the end.

The asterisks (*) indicate towns we have stayed in previously.

Below is the Morocco section of the itinerary that we weren’t able to do on this trip. We definitely want to go to Morocco on a future trip.

  • Friday 18 March – Ronda to Algeciras, Spain
  • Saturday 19 March – Algeciras to Ceuta, Spain
  • Sunday 20 March – Ceuta to Tangier, Morocco
  • Monday 21 March – Tangier, Morocco
  • Tuesday 22 March – Tangier to Casa Blanca, Morocco
  • Wednesday 23 March – Casa Blanca to Essaouira, Morocco
  • Thursday 24 March – Essaouira to Marrakesh, Morocco
  • Friday 25 March – Marrakesh to Casa Blanca, Morocco
  • Saturday 26 March – Casa Blanca to Toledo, Spain

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