In 2009 and 2010 I created a podcast. In the podcast I interviewed interesting people. I enjoyed creating it, doing the interviews and learning a whole new skill. You can still access the podcast on iTunes by searching on marionvemazen

I’ve also loaded all the interviews here:

1. Allison Brown – My Daughter –  We talk about travel and History. – recorded  April 2009   

2. Shannon Brown – My Daughter – I interviewed my daughter  about her son, my grandson and his recent diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome. We also talked about some of her other interests and activities – recorded May 2009

3. Todd Jonz – Musician and Man of Many Interests  – An old friend talks to me about living in rural Vermont and Prince Edward Island, Canada – recorded June 2009 

4. HD Honscheid – Artist, Traveler and Web site creator –  We discussed retirement, moving to the U.S. from Germany and Art. – recorded July 2009

5. Ronni Bennett – Author of one of my favorite blogs Time Goes By – What it’s really like to get older. She is retired from a very successful career in journalism and television production – recorded August 2009

6. Chris Christensen  – Chris Christensen Host of The Amateur Traveler Podcast  – We discuss travel, podcasting and how he creates the show. – recorded September 2009 

7. Todd Martin – Chief Chef, Owner and Founder of the Tucson Tamale Company. Todd started the Tucson Tamale Company in November of 2008. We talked about starting a business, about making tamales, and his plans to grow the company. -recorded September 2009

8. Beverley Bryant –   Former Professor, College Dean and Politician, Media Relations Expert, Sailor, Tri-athlete. I talk with my friend Beverley Bryant.  –  recorded Novemberr 2009

9. Eric Richert – Knowledge Work Infrastructure Consultant, Former VP of Sun Microsystems iWork and Open Work Programs, Hiker, and Director for Kirkwood Meadow Public Utility District – recorded January 2010. 

10. Pat Black  – Long time Friend -We Talk About Tissue and Organ Donation, Family and Friendship –  recorded February 2010 

11. M.E. Harrigan – Author of 9800 Savage Road and 27 Year Veteran of the NSA   – recorded March 2010 

12. Lisa Louise Cooke – Creator and Host of the Genealogy Gems Podcast – recorded August 2010

13. Linda Curry – Retired Software Executive, Gardener, Breast Cancer Survivor, Wife , Mother, Grandmother and Friend – recorded October 2010 

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