Granada to Antequera

We went to a bakery near our hotel for breakfast this morning. The pastries were truly works of art.

Choosing our breakfast pastries.
Breakfast. We are waiting for our coffee.

After breakfast we checked out of the hotel and drove about an hour and a half west to the town of Antequera. We are staying at the Parador in Antequera.

We got a map from the front desk with a suggested walking route to see the town. I also had some ideas of what I wanted to see from a YouTube video about Antequera made by Margaret of Moon in Spain. So we went out exploring and luckily the rain held off. First we walked by the Bullring.

The Antequera Bullring

Next we stopped at the Church of San Juan de Dios. The baroque interior was absolutely stunning.

Altar of San Juan de Dios Church
Entry of San Juan de Dios Church
The sacristy

The grocery store and bakery a little bit farther down the road was a perfect place for an afternoon snack. We felt it was important to sample the local lenten treat, Torrijas. The bakery lady explained that they are traditional to this area and eaten during lent. They start out a bit like American french toast but some are soaked in a sweet syrup or covered with cinnamon and sugar. We have seen them coated in chocolate and filled with custard. I can attest to the fact that Torrijas are delicious!

Trying Torrijas

We browsed the grocery store. The selection of hams and the wide variety of price always impresses me.

Me perusing the hams

Gayle and I enjoyed visiting with two of Antequera’s famous sons.

Art without Time statue

In 1410 the Moors were defeated in Antequera and were forced to leave. They went to Granada. This statue commemorates them. It was erected in 2010. I found it really moving.

Homenaje a los Antiqiries
Homenaje a los Antiqiries

We walked back to the Parador, had our welcome drinks and played cards.

For dinner we walked back in to town and ate at a place called Restaurante Abrasador Bodegas Triana. Our waiter said their specialty is barbecue. Gayle and I had beef and Roger and Duke had pork. It was all delicious.

Restaurants Abrasador Bodegas Tirana
The pork
The beef
Pistachio cake and ice cream
I think this was bienmesabe, a sweet local desert made with almonds, egg yolks and honey.

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  1. I think this post is very interesting! The church is amazing and very ornate. Loved the photos of the hams and other local food traditions! Thanks for sharing!

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