Granada Day 2

Breakfasts in the Paradors we have visited have always been wonderful. This morning there was a fruit on the buffet that I had not seen before. It was cherimoya. The word is the same in Spanish and in English. It was sweet and a bit creamy.

Part of the Parador breakfast buffet

After breakfast we checked out the parador garden.

Parador gardens

Roger and Gayle had a noon reservation for the Alhambra tour. We checked out of the Parador. Roger and Gayle went on their tour and Duke and I drove down into central Grenada and checked into our hotel. We are staying at the Melia. Our room is spacious and comfortable with a nice balcony.

Waiting for the Alhambra tour.

We woke up to what we thought was heavy fog this morning but it turns out that the air is thick with Saharan sand blown in ahead of the current storm. Everything is incredibly dirty and you can see the dirty air.

The view from our balcony.

I mailed postcards.

Mailing postcards

We met Roger and Gayle after their tour and walked with them down to the hotel

Duke and Washington Irving
Walking down from the Alhambra

The man helping us with our luggage said dirty air won’t be a problem tomorrow because it will be pouring rain!

For dinner I had wonderful octopus.

Octopus for dinner