Leaving Copenhagen – Sunday, August 19, 2018

We got an early start this morning and took the Metro to Frederiksberg. We had coffee and pastries then walked through Frederiksberg Have. It’s a beautifully landscaped park that is one of Denmark’s National Palace Gardens. As an added plus the park borders the Copenhagen Zoo so we got a free look at the elephants and flamingos.

The trains on the Metro are centrally controlled and driverless. So we get an added bonus on our Metro rides. We sit in front and have a drivers eye view. Here is Duke looking out the front of the train at our hotel.

Around 11;30 we checked out of the hotel and took the Metro and then a bus to the Ferry terminal. Usually the bus goes right to the terminal. But today we had to walk the last several blocks because the Copenhagen Ironman Race is today. We were able to watch the cyclists as we walked.

The ferry to Oslo left soon after 4 and will arrive in Oslo around 9:30 tomorrow. We have a nice cabin.

We had dinner in the steak house. Everything was very good but my home made ice cream was exceptional. I had chocolate, banana, mango and raspberry. The flavors were intense and wonderful.

Copenhagen – Saturday, 18 August 2018

Valerie and Vicky left for home at 2:25 this afternoon. We had time this morning to go into the center, have pastry and coffee and walk around a bit.

Their plane was on time and we saw them off with no problems.

On the way back from the airport we stopped for beer in a bar we stopped at yesterday. It seemed very Danish. It was a bit smokey but full of locals enjoying their beer.

For dinner we went back into the center and had pizza. Many of the streets were closed for street festivities. We ate outside and watched the Indian dancing at the restaurant down the street.

Copenhagen – Friday, 17 August, 2018

We had a full day today. First we took the Metro into the City Center and took the Hop On Hop Off tour of Christiania.

Next we walked through Christiania Freetown. The settlement was created in the 70s when squatters took over an abandoned military base. Apparently the settlement has been run somewhat separately from the rest of Copenhagen since then. The bus tour narrative said that weed used to be sold freely but isn’t any more. But as we walked down Pusher Street we saw about twenty different guys selling quite openly. The aroma was very strong. As we left the area we saw a van full of police pull up and empty out heading towards the area we had just left. We decided to retrace our route. This time as we walked down Pusher Street their were lots of police and no one selling weed.

Our next stop was Our Savior’s Church. Duke and Valerie climbed to the top. Duke said the steps at the very top were so narrow that he wouldn’t fit.

We stopped far a coffee break. Right after we got our drinks it started to rain so we went inside.

Our last sightseeing stop was the Danish National Museum. The history and relics starting from the Stone Ages up to a the present were fascinating.

Finally we ate a great restaurant, P Eatery. Our last dinner with Valerie and Vicky,who fly home tomorrow, was special.

Hornbæk to Copenhagen – Thursday, 16 August 2018

This morning we drove to Copenhagen. We are staying at a big modern hotel near the airport, AC Hotel Bella Sky. We dropped Vicky, Valerie and our bags off at the hotel. Then Duke and I returned our rental car, bought Metro passes and took the Metro back to the hotel.

After meeting back up with the girls we all took the Metro into Copenhagen. We really lucked out on the weather. Today was sunny with a high of 75. It was perfect weather to sit on top of the Hop on Hop off bus for our tour of the city.

When we took the boat tour it seemed like all of the people in Copenhagen were sitting out by the canals having a snack or a drink or just enjoying the day.

Between our bus tour and our boat tour we had snacks a a sidewalk cafe.

For dinner we had a fabulous meal at Palægad, a Michelin listed restaurant a few blocks from our Metro stop.

Hornbæk – 15 August 2018

The breakfast at our hotel this morning was a work of art and it was as delicious as it looked. In addition to fruit, bread and cold cuts there were individual mini omelettes.

After breakfast we drove about twenty minutes south to Helsinger. There we visited the Maritime Museum and the Kronborg Castle.

The Maritime Museum is realatively new. It is built below ground into an old dry dock. I loved the architecture.

The Castle is strategically located. Originally it operated as a toll house to command the narrow straight between what is now Sweden and Denmark. It also played a significant roll in Danish Swedish wars. Perhaps it is most well known as the setting for Hamlet’s Elsinor Castle although Shakespeare was never here.

After we got back to Hornbæk we walked around the lake by our hotel

We walked to dinner and on the way home went down to the beach then stopped for ice cream.

Aarhus to Hornbæk – 14 August 2018

Today was our longest driving day of this trip so far. We drove 150 miles from the eastern coast of central Jutland to the northeast coast of Zealand.

Before we left Aarhus we walked over to Dokk1. It is an indoor public space. It also contains the biggest library in Scandinavia. We explored the library and found all sorts of cool things. They have an amazing automatic sorting machine for books being returned. They had computers, video games, three-D printers and great reading and studying spaces.

Not far from our destination we stopped to explored the gardens around Fredensborg Castle. It is a grand palace where the Danish royals sometimes live.

Tonight we are staying in Hornbæk in a lovely hotel overlooking the lake with a view of the ocean to the north. From our window we can see Sweden across the water. We ate dinner in our hotel. This is the beef tenderloin that Duke and Vicky shared and the flødebolle that I had for desert.

Aarhus – Monday, August 13, 2018

We are staying at Hotel Oasia in Aarhus. It is very modern, comfortable and light. They were happy to loan us umbrellas for our exploring today.

We visited the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum. It is a nine story modern art museum. On top of the museum is a spectacular 360 degree rooftop walkway called Your Rainbow Panorama. The architecture alone was reason enough to love this museum.

There are a lot of people riding bikes in Aarhus. On the way to the museum we saw a sign that was counting how many bikes had gone by today and how many for the year.

For dinner we walked about a mile mostly on a pedestrian walkway to a small deli restaurant called OliNico. By 8pm when we got there most of the main courses were sold out. In spite of that our food was excellent.