Visiting Pompei and then on to Rome.

Thursday morning we entered the Pompeii archaeological site just as they were opening. It was lovely to almost have the place to ourselves Even at noon when there were a lot more people it still didn’t feel crowded. Perhaps the threatening rain and the fact that it’s October made a difference.

The forum in Pompeii

It was the little things we saw in Pompeii that caught my imagination. Like the stepping stones at cross walks that were placed so that chariots could drive through them and people wouldn’t get their feet wet crossing the street when the streets were being flushed out or it rained.

Stepping stone cross walk

The two mountains to the north of Pompeii today allow you to imagine the top of Vesuvius that was blown off in the eruption.

The remains of Vesuvius in the background

More than one of the houses had a beware of the dog sign built into the mosaics at the entrance.

Beware of the dog.

We did the Rick Steves Pompeii walking tower. We saw lots of storefronts with counters built to hold food bowls. Rick Steves called them fast food joints.

Food store

Pompeii had a population of 30,000. The archaeological park is massive. The distance from the west entrance to the amphitheater is over a kilometer.


The plaster casts of people who died in the explosion are haunting.

Plaster cast of a victim

When we left the archaeological park we picked up our bags at our hotel and walked to the train station. We took a train and a bus to Naples and from there took the high speed train to Rome.

Before we could board the high speed train we had to show our green pass. That’s proof of vaccination. It’s interesting that the QR code I got for France works just fine here in Italy. I show the PDF download of my pass and a green check shows up on the device the gatekeeper is using. It’s all very efficient.

We had a wonderful dinner around the corner from our hotel at La Cabana restaurant. I didn’t get any good pictures. We had spaghetti with bacon and a spicy sauce and great steak. We shared both.

We will be in Rome for three nights. I was last here in 1970 and Duke was last here in 1976. I’m sure exploring the next few days will be a very different experience.

Victor Emmanuel Ii Monument. We saw it on our he way back from dinner

Olbia to Pompei

Wednesday on our ferry from Sardina, at 5:40 we heard the first announcement that we were pulling into the harbor at Civitavecchia, the port of Rome. About 6:40 we got off the ferry and walked to the train station.

Leaving the ferry

We figured out how to use the ticket machine and bought our tickets to Naples. We got on the train stowed our bags, sat down and then Duke said “we are on the wrong train!” I thought he was kidding but he wasn’t. Luckily we were able to grab our bags, get off and get on the right train.

Civitaveccia train station at dawn

The trip to Rome took about an hour. I napped on the way.

On the train to Rome

In Rome we changed to the high speed train to Naples. I love high speed trains. The trip from Rome to Naples only took us about hour with no stops. It’s about 140 miles.

In Naples we bought tickets to Pompei. We took a packed local train to Pompei. And from there we walked about one mile to our hotel.

At the very nice Forum Hotel Pompeii we had a picnic lunch on our balcony. Then we napped all afternoon. Traveling when old is exhausting. 🤓

Picnic lunch on our hotel balcony

We woke up to have a great dinner in a nearby restaurant.


Olbia, Sardina

Monday we turned our rental car in at Olbia airport. I meant to say a little bit about the car in yesterday’s post but I forgot to. So I’ll let Duke tell you about it now.

Duke’s review of our Fiat Panda
Our Fiat Panda

Tuesday we took an overnight ferry from Sardina to mainland Italy. So we spent the day exploring Olbia and killing time. We checked out of our B and B at eleven and stored our suitcases. We walked all around town and out to the ferry terminal to check things out.


We had a two hour pizza lunch and then visited the local archaeological museum.

Remains of a Roman ship burned by the Vandals when they invaded Olbia.
Our ferry

We sat on a park bench and read for a couple of hours and then had pasta for dinner before retrieving our bags, walking back to the ferry terminal, going aboard and settling into our cabin. All in all a successful day. My watch says we walked a total of 8.5 miles!

On the way to the ferry
Our room on the ferry.

Now it’s 11 pm and our ferry is pulling away from Sardinia.

Dolceluna, Muravera to Olbia

Today was quite a long day of driving. We drove all the way up the east coast of Sardinia. We needed to return the car by 3:30 so only stopped briefly along the way to stretch.

After we had been driving about an hour I saw a garden store and suggested we stop there to browse and stretch our legs. OMG the colors, the orchids and the cacti. It was spectacular.


The other highlight of the drive was the stunning mountains we drove through. The granite, gorges and heights reminded me a bit of the California Sierras.

Mountains south of Olbia.

We had aperitifs and a snack soon after we arrived.


For dinner Duke had spaghetti with clams and tomatoes.


I had Culurgiones Ogliastrino, filled pasta with cheese, potatoes and mint sautéed with smoked swordfish butter and wine.

My pasta

We always trade dishes half way through so I can report that both were very good.

Desert was a chocolate sphere filled with ice cream and topped with wild berries

Bosa to the coast south of Muravera

As we were leaving Bosa this morning we went down to the Bosa Port.

In July and August of this year Sardina had some huge wildfires. Today we drove through one of the areas that burned. It went on for miles.

We spent the night in a wonderful agriturismo. We had a kitchen so on the way we stopped to buy supplies for dinner.

Supplies to make dinner

At Agroturismo Dulceluna we had our own beautiful little hut with a view of the ocean.

The view from the front door
Our hut
Our kitchen.

. We went down to the beach.

Duke on the beech

Did laundry.

Bathroom with washing machine.
Drying the laundry.

And had a great dinner.