Zamora, Spain to Marvao, Portugal

Saturday was our longest day of driving so far on this trip. We drove 240 miles south and a bit west into Spain again. Now we are in Marvao on the Spain Portugal border just into Portugal. Marvao is on top of a mountain with a stunning 360 degree view. In the picture below you can see the castle on top of the mountain. That’s where we are.


This morning before we left Zamora we explored a bit the square outside our Parador had beautiful trees trained to grow together to create a canopy.

Trees creating a canopy

Before we left Zamora we visited the Ethnographic Museum.

Ethnographic Museum

There were many interesting things in the museum. Take a guess at what these are.

Drop spindles used to spin yarn
I’m not sure what this is

On our way to Marvao we saw at least two cars with Ukrainian license plates. You wonder what their story is.

When we stopped at a roadside cafe for coffee and lunch we enjoyed watching the storks.

Linda’s squid

After we checked into our Pausada we went for a walk up to the castle

Marvao Castle –
Sunset from Marvao
Duke and I at the top of the castle

Our room at the Pausada da Marvao is charming with a great view.

Our room at the Pausada de Marvao
Pausada de Marvao

Our view at breakfast

Breakfast view