Chinchón to Toledo

After breakfast we went on a brief tour of the Parador of Chinchón. It was all in Spanish, but I managed to understand at least some of it.

This statue of Jesus is made entirely of ivory.

After the tour we packed up and headed to Toledo.

Getting ready to leave.

In Toledo we are staying at the Parador of Toledo. It is situated high on a hill overlooking Toledo from the opposite side of the Tajo River. As Duke was checking in the manager approached him to introduce herself and welcome us.


We walked about 2.5 miles into Toledo.

Walking into Toledo

In Toledo we went to the Synagogue of Santa Maria La Blanca. It is no longer used as a synagogue but it’s architecture dates from the early 13th century when Toledo had a large Jewish population.

Synagogue of Santa Maria La Blanca

Next we went to the El Greco Museum. He lived in Toledo most of his life. His paintings from the 16th century were vibrant and very different from other works I’ve see from that time.

El Greco painting of one of the apostles.

Finally we went through the Sephardic Museum

Synagogue of El Tránsito which contains the Sephardic Museum.

We took a taxi back to the Parador, had our welcome drinks and played cards. For dinner we ate in the Parador restaurant. It was quite dark and candlelit with only a few electric lights on when we first sat down. We had to use our phone flashlights to see the menus. About half way through dinner the electricity came on, the dining room lights all came on, and many of the building in Toledo were lit up. We have no idea what the problem was.

The view from our room.