Lisbon, Portugal to Badajoz, Spain

Monday morning we checked out of our hotel in Lisbon and took a cab to the airport. We parted ways will Ray and Linda.

Getting out of our taxi at the airport.

Duke and I had pastries and coffee at the airport.

Pastries and coffee in the airport

Ray and Linda headed home and we caught a bus heading east to Badajoz. Badajoz is directly east of Lisbon just over the Spain Portugal border. On Tuesday we will pick up a new rental car in Badajoz.

On the bus to Badajoz.

From the Badajoz bus station we walked to our hotel and had snacks on the balcony.

On the way to our hotel

For dinner we decided to have Italian food. We went to a nearby restaurant called La Mrafia Se Sienta a la Mesa. The food was fantastic.

La Mafia se Siena a la mesa
Duke and I at dinner
Rigatoni with beef Ragu
cappella stuffed with chicken and plum with prawns