Today, Saturday, is only the second time on this trip that we have spent two nights in one place. There is so much to see and do in Sevilla that it is easy to spend more than one day here. Saturday morning we had coffee, croissants and fresh orange juice at a cafe next to our hotel. I love the automatic orange juice making machines here. We watched our waiter load the machine with oranges and make our juice.

Automatic orange juice making machine.
Fresh squeezed orange juice.

After breakfast we went for a horse and buggy tour of the area around the cathedral and Plaza de España.

Is in front of Plaza de España
Gayle, Roger, Duke and Me.
Roger thanking the horse after our ride.

Next we went to the Archives of the Indies. It is where they have all the old documents related to Spains exploration and colonization. They have exhibits that change every few months. The displays were all in Spanish but still interesting. This time the exhibit was about the New Spain fleet and the the search for the galleon Nuestra Señora de Juncal which sank in the Gulf of Mexico in 1631.

In front of the Archives of the Indies
The exhibit about Spanish exploration.

From the archives we found a place to have coffee.

Coffee Break

Each coffee packet has a saying on it. So we took pictures with our packets.

Duke’s says “Say what you want but you can’t deny I’m very sweet.”

We were revitalized so we did the Rick Steve’s walking tour of Seville. We are here at a very good time. Al the orange trees are blooming and the air is full of the smell of orange blossoms. It’s wonderful.

In Barrio Santa Cruz

We had a tasty lunch in a small square, outside, under the orange trees.

Lunch under the orange trees

We shared tapas.

Roasted peppers

After playing cards for a while by the hotel pool, we decided to take a walk through the newer shopping district of Sevilla. When we got over to Avenida de la Constitución, just past the cathedral we discovered a big parade of mainly Peruvian and Bolivian dancers. they wore wonderful, colorful costumes. The dancing was fast, exuberant and lots of fun to watch.

Dancers singing
Dancers with cymbals on their shoes
Cymbal shoes

For dinner we went to a tapas restaurant with bull heads on the walls. Each head had a plaque about the famous bull.

Bulls head restaurant. It’s real name is Bar Catedral Sevilla
Stuffed mushrooms and eggplants and cheese.

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