Calahorra to Donostia- San Sebastián

The weather for our entire trip has been grayer, wetter and colder than is normal for this time of year on the Iberian peninsula. It hasn’t stopped us from having a great time but still….

Thursday we headed north to Donastia/San Sebastián. Although it was cold and cloudy for most of the day it was a beautiful drive. We needed to do Duke’s review of the rental car (the fifth of the trip) because we would be returning it in Donastia/San Sebastián. Here is a link if you would like to watch Duke’s Review of the SEAT Ibiza.

Our fifth rental car

We went over Lizarraga pass and stopped at this viewpoint.

Duke at the Lizarraga viewpoint
Lizarraga viewpoint

In Donastia/San Sebastián we checked into our hotel, then drove to the shopping center where we dropped off the car. We had a coffee while we waited for the rain outside to stop.

Coffee after returning the car

Then we walked back to the hotel.

The park we walked past on the way to the hotel.

When we went out to find pintxos (tapas) for dinner the wind between the buildings along the waterfront was like we were in a wind tunnel.

The wind tunnel effect

We enjoyed our beer and pintxos.

Duke and I at dinner
Grilled goat cheese
The street where we had dinner

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