Thessaloniki to Volos, Greece

This morning we took a taxi to the bus station in Thessaloniki and then took a bus south for 2 hours and 20 minutes to Valos. We are in Volos because tomorrow morning we will take a ferry to the island of Skiathos.

The bus station in Thessaloniki
Waiting for the bus

In Volos it was raining and there didn’t seem to be any taxis available so we walked to our hotel. We got a bit wet but it was a relatively short walk.

Walking to our hotel in Volos

Later when the rain had stopped we went for a walk.

Volos waterfront

For dinner we went to a small Greek restaurant. The service was wonderful as was the food. I think our favorite dish was the prawns in a tomato, feta and basil sauce. The octopus was excellent too.

Kritamo where we ate dinner

After dinner we went for walk before heading back to the hotel.

After dinner walk
Church of St. Nicholas