Peshkopi to Tirana, Albania

The couple who owned Guest House Tershana in Peshkopi where we stayed Wednesday night were our age. A lot of Albanians have told us they have relatives who live in the United States. Our hosts had a painting of four men on horseback in the breakfast room. The man, whose name I can’t remember, told us that it was of his father and his brothers in the picture. And that his father and two of his brothers emigrated to the U.S.

Thursday we completed our tour around Albania and drove back to the capital, Tirana. The roads were mostly paved today except for some road work.

The road back to Tirana
That’s a woman carrying a bundle of sticks on her back.

It is nice to have a car but it is also nice not to have to deal with traffic, bad roads and navigating. In Tirana we dropped our bags at the hotel then drove to the rental car return place.

The rental car return place is on a one lane street. There was a car in the driveway of the garage where we needed to return the car so we blocked traffic with horns blaring behind us until the car was moved. In any case we successfully returned the car. By the way, the car review video will be posted to YouTube soon.

Returning the rental car

Then we went for coffee and treats to celebrate a successful completion of this part of the trip.

Coffee and treats
Baklava and other honey soaked goodies

After getting our caffeine and sugar high we walked to our hotel.

The mosque in Tirana

We went to an excellent rooftop restaurant for dinner and had their 10 course tasting menu. The chef delivered a couple of the courses. Each course was a taste treat.

Tasting menu
Six of the courses