Oia, Santorini, Greece

Santorini is incredibly, strikingly beautiful. I had no idea! Santorini the island we are on and the other islands we can see are what is left of a giant volcano. All the hotels covering the hilltops are on what’s left of the rim. I’ve been reading about it today. The Santorini volcano last erupted in 1950. It’s on a list of volcanoes near populated areas that are active and could erupt again, volcanoes like Mount Ranier, Mount Vesuvius and Mauna Loa.

Santorini caldera

Today we walked out to the west end of the island and then came back to our hotel and swam, read and relaxed.

Walking in Oia on Santorini
One of the stores we passed
This bookstore wasn’t open
Swimming in the hotel pool

I’ve never seen sunsets like they have in the Greek islands. I was going to include another sunset picture. But instead here is one from about forty minutes after sunset.

After sunset from our room balcony.

We had an excellent dinner at Restaurant, Laokasti near our hotel. We had a half liter of the house wine, fish, squid and an appetizer of fava with onion and capers. The bill was only €55.

Fried squid
Sea bass

After dinner we walked along the same route we walked this morning but with even fewer people.

After dinner walk