Bitola, North Macedonia to Thessaloniki, Greece

The view from our window at Ciflik winery this morning was beautiful. Fall has definitely arrived in Macedonia.

Today was a travel day. We relaxed at Ciflik Winery until checkout time when we had a taxi ordered. As we were waiting for the taxi we had a conversation with the owner of the winery, Filip. He had fond memories of his time as an exchange student in Enid, Oklahoma. I would recommend Ciflik Winery to anyone who wants to visit Macedonia

Filip, the owner of Ciflik winery and us before we left

Our bill at Ciflik for two nights inclusing breakfast, two dinners including a bottle of wine each night plus olive bread and wine each afternoon was just $244. What a great bargain.

Our taxi took us across the border into Greece to the train station in Florine. The distance was about 22 miles and cost us $45. We waited about 3 hours for the train that took us to Thessaloniki. It was a lovely day so sitting, reading and knitting was quite relaxing.

Knitting, listening to a book and waiting for the train
Our train

We arrived in Thessaloniki about 7 and took a cab to our hotel which overlooks the water.

The view from our balcony

For dinner we had moussaka, sardines and ouzo at a table overlooking the water and people strolling along the waterfront.