Tirana, Albania to Ohrid, Macedonia

The Albanian dictator, Enver Hoxha was paranoid about outside forces attacking Albania. Starting in the 1970s the communist regime built 175,000 bunkers across the country. We saw many of these when we were driving through the countryside. They also built enormous bomb shelters under government buildings. This morning we visited BUNK’ART 2, a museum about the communist era and an art site. It is in a former secret bunker under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Corridor in former secret bomb shelter
Duke wasn’t welcome in Albania in the 70s
Display about people who tried

We walked back to the hotel and around noon checked out and took a taxi to the bus station where we caught a bus for Ohrid, Macedonia

Our bus for Macedonia

It was an uneventful trip except that we did see a minor accident when a truck stopped quickly because someone was stopped to make a left turn on a curve and the car behind him ran into him. This is the second accident we have seen the aftermath of. The other one happened a few days ago. It looked like a Mercedes had hit a tractor that must have been crossing the road. Both the tractor and the Mercedes’ were in bad shape

The truck involved in the fender bender

We took a taxi from the bus station in Ohrid. Unfortunately I showed the driver the address for Villa Saint Sofia instead of Villa Sofia. It took us a while to find the right place but eventually we were settled in a very nice room overlooking Lake Ohrid. Lake Ohrid is very similar to Lake Tahoe, big, clear, deep and very blue.

The view from our room

After resting a bit then we hiked up to Saint John’s church on a point overlooking the lake. We stayed to watch the sunset.

St John’s Church overlooking Lake Ohrid
St John’s church at sunset

For dinner we walked down to the waterfront. It was a bit cold but we had a very good dinner right on the edge of the lake.

Duke at dinner
My homemade sausage and fries
The view walking back to our room.