Santorini to Naxos, Greece

Today we took a two hour ferry ride from the island of Santorini to the island of Naxos. The ferry left at 3:30. But first we did a bit of exploring on the east side of Santorini. We stopped at a beach front restaurant for drinks and to enjoy the view.

The beach cliffs just east of the airport
Walking n the beach east of the airport
Duke and his ice tea at a restaurant overlooking the beach

Next we drove up a steep switch backed road to the point where the trail to ancient ruins of Thera starts We didn’t have time to climb to the top but we did get some pictures of the views of both sides of the island. On the way down we recorded a video of Duke’s thoughts on Santorini and the Panda we were driving.

View to the airport and beyond.
Ready to review our Fiat Panda

After getting gas, driving to the ferry dock and returning our car we had beers next to the dock and enjoyed watching all the activity.

Waiting for the ferry
Our ferry leaving Nexos after dropping us off

On Nexos we rented a car and checked into our hotel. After a short rest we walked back down to the port and had a great dinner at Meze Meze.

We started with Greek salad and tzatziki

We also had mussel risotto and grilled octopus but forgot to take pictures. For desert they gave us complimentary yogurt with candied carrots. It was excellent. It is good thing that we had a walk back to our hotel because we were each very full

Yogurt with candied carrots