Sifnos to Oia, Santorini, Greece

Today we took the high speed ferry from the island of Sifnos to the island of Santorini. We turned in our rental car and had coffee while we waited for the ferry.

Duke drinking his Greek coffee

Given how unpleasant our last ferry ride was and the fact that is was very windy today, we both took seasick pills and as a result it was a much more comfortable ride. The boat was bouncing over the waves like a high powered motor boat. It was also bumping and rolling a lot. I think several people got sick but thank goodness not us.

Spray was covering the windows
Our ferry is the little one in front getting ready to leave Santorini

In Santorini we rented a car. Duke is very happy that it is a fiat Panda but he is not happy that he had to pay an “over age” surcharge. the rental car guy met us at the dock with our car.

Duke renting the Fiat Panda

We are staying at a wonderful hotel on Santorini. We have our own deck and hot tub. And the view is fantastic.

Duke coming out of our room
The pool at our hotel
Sunset from our balcony

We had an excellent gourmet dinner at the hotel and then soaked in the hot tub.

Sea bass
Mille Feuille and strawberry sauce.
In the hot tub