Naxos, Greece day 3

This morning we took it easy and relaxed on the patio of our room. I spent most of my time editing our video of our trip from Naples to Bari, Italy and then across the Adriatic to Dubrovnik, Croatia. You can see it here.

Coffee on our patio

Around noon we headed out to explore the southwest part of Naxos. we stopped at several beautiful beaches. At one there were several people kitesurfing.

Naxos Beach
Kitesurfing at Mikri Vigla Beach

Further down the coast we hiked down to a deserted beach and Duke went swimming.

Duke swimming in the Aegean Sea
Aliko beach
Climbing back up to the car

We drove back to our hotel taking the inland route. The scenery was very different from what we saw yesterday. It seemed more desert like. About six we hiked from our hotel to the point next to the harbor. It has a giant gate on it. The gate is all that is left of a temple that was being built here in the sixth century BC.

Naxos Portara
Naxos Portara

From there we walked down to the restaurant area of the harbor and had salads and delicious gyro plates for an early dinner

Our salads