Tirana to Dürres, Albania

It was raining hard in Tirana when we woke up this morning. We had good internet at the Mondial Hotel where we stayed in Tirana so I worked on our YouTube video about our visit to the Water Buffalo Dairy in Italy and posted it before we left.

Around noon we walked about a mile to the rental car place to pick up our car.

Walking to the rental car place in Tirana
On the way to get the rental car
At the rental car office

We drove back to the hotel, picked up our luggage and drove west to the town of Durrës on the coast. We had drinks and a pinsa on the sidewalk outside our hotel.

Leaving Tirana
Drinks in Durrës
Our pinsa

After our snack we went for a walk. According to Wikipedia Albania is 59% Islamic. As we were out walking we passed the local mosque during the call to prayer. It is interesting that we have only seen a few women wearing hijabs but we have seen very little alcohol consumption among the people we assume are locals.

The Durrës Mosque

We went to the TripAdvisor top rated local restaurant for dinner, a beef restaurant, Westwood Meathouse. We had a wonderful dinner

Beef at Westwood Meathouse

On the walk back to our hotel we passed the mosque all lit up.

The Durrës mosque at night