Lushnjë to Roshnik, Albania

We had a great breakfast at Hotel Ardenica this morning. We had really good hot coffee, tasty fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, hot scrambled eggs, local cheese, and good toasted bread. And we were sitting in the open air with a great view and the sun at our backs.


After we finished we were working on the New York Times crossword enjoying the view and the sun when Olsi the manager brought us a home made desert. It was delicious.


Breakfast, dinner including a bottle of wine, and the room cost us $80.

Less than a mile from our hotel was the Monastery of Ardenica which according to tradition was founded in the 13th or 14th century. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the church but all the walls were painted with frescoes. They date from 1744. the church is small, beautiful and seemed ancient.

At the gate of the monastery
The church
The Monastery of Ardenica

We drove about an hour and a half to Roshnik where we are staying at Alpeta Agrotourism & Winery. As we got out of the car you could smell the crushed grapes.

Crushed grapes

At six we joined a winery tour and wine tasting. There were ten of us. We saw where the family grows and produces their wines. then we all sat at a big table and started tasting wine and talking. One couple was from Switzerland another was from Holland and a group of four were from the Czech Republic. When our host said the oldest person had to propose the toast before we downed our house made raki I was quick to point to Duke. He proposed a toast to Albania and Albanian food. Our host joined in with a big smile.

Later our host offered to bring dinner for the ten of us to share. We had wonderful conversation about what to see in the area and life in general while we drank and ate. It was a wonderful experience. All ten people at the table spoke good English. That’s Europeans for you!

The winery
Walking through the vineyards
Table for ten for donner