Roshnik to Gjinar, Albania

This morning when we came down to breakfast at Alpeta winery they were distilling raki in their wood fired still. it smelled fruity and warm.

Distilling raki

We had a breakfast of eggs, fruit, bread and cheese overlooking the vineyard.

Around eleven we started driving towards our next stop further north. We have been going around the prominent mountain in this area, Mount Malit. Last night we were south of it. Tonight we are north west of the mountain.

Mount Malit from the south
Mount Malit from the northwest where we are tonight. Our hotel is in the bottom right hand corner.

The group of Czech people at dinner last night had just hiked up Mt Malit. We thought we might do the same today. We spent some time doing online research this morning and couldn’t find a good description of the hike and how to get there so we decided to not try to fit it in today.

It seems to me that if Albania developed their hiking trails and advertised them, then hiking in Albania would almost be like hiking in the Alps. This area we are in is very scenic. It is not as dramatic as the Alps, but it would make for great village to village hiking.

Tonight we are at a guest house with a stunning view to the west. This morning there was no coffee at breakfast so the first thing we did when we arrived at Sofra E Shpatit, where we are now, was have a snack of coffee, bread and cheese.

Sofra E Shpatit

Then we went for a hike part way up the mountain behind the hotel. We saw men with their donkeys going up and down collecting firewood.

Hauling firewood
Hiking. You can just see Mt Malit poking up over the ridge behind Duke.

We had dinner at the hotel. We ended with a homemade compote of cornos berries. I’d never heard of cornos berries before, but they were a bit like cranberries with a pit.

Cornos berries

There is no heat in the rooms and I’m guessing the temperature is around 55 or 60 so we are bundled up working on our phones!

Keeping warm