Volos to Skiathos, Greece

We took an 8:30 ferry this morning to the island of Skiathos. The ferry terminal was right across from our hotel in Volos.

Our ferry is the one on the right.

The ferry ride was about two and a half hours.

On the ferry to Skiathos.

In Skiathos we took a taxi to the airport and rented a car. Since it was a bit early to check into our hotel we went for a drive out to a point overlooking the town.


The runway at the airport in Skiathos goes from coast to coast.

Map showing Skiathos airport

This video that I found on YouTube shows how close to the end of the runway the airplanes can be when they land. When we drove around the end of the runway there was a stop light to stop traffic when planes land.

Skiathos runway.

There seem to be very few people on the island right now. We are staying at Hotel Rene. It’s a wonderful place with a great view. They can hold about 70 people but the owner told us that only four rooms will be occupied tonight. He told us that once flight stops coming from the rest of Europe there are almost no tourists on Skiathos. The hotel will close after this weekend. Most other hotels are already closed.

The view from our balcony.

For dinner we had a mixed seafood platter at Bakaliko Restaurant. It’s one of the few restaurants that is still open.

Our seafood grill to share

What we couldn’t eat the waiter scraped onto a plate and led the cats outside to eat.