Paros Day 2

Today this area of the Aegean Sea had twenty mile an hour winds. I’m glad we weren’t taking a ferry! We decided to take a hike in Paras Park. We went out to the lighthouse. It was a great hike. At times it was sheltered from the wind and at times it was blowing a gale!

Hiking out to the lighthouse
Heading towards the lighthouse

We had such a great dinner at Karina Restaurant last night that we decided to go back again tonight. We told Karina that our fish last night was so good we wondered what she would recommend tonight. She told us what was fresh and we chose the mussels and the fried cod. They were devine!

Karina Restaurant
Mussels in an onion, spice and carrot broth.
Our fried cod with fennel mashed potatoes

And look at the bill €45 for mussels, fish, a bottle of sparkling water, a half liter of rose wine, a small lemon curd desert and an aperitif! And in Europe you don’t tip!

This kind of food, service and ambiance is why we travel. Karina told us that tomorrow night they will close for the winter.