Athens to Sifnos Island, Greece

Athens is one of the cleanest cities I have ever visited. We saw no litter. This morning we took the metro to the ferry terminal. The ferry was running late. As we waited we saw a boat collecting litter in the harbor!

Litter collectors at the ferry terminal

The ferry that we took to the island of Sifnos was a high speed ferry. We didn’t think it would be a rough ride but is was certainly rougher than expected. It was a three hour ride with one stop. The seats were 14 across and it was almost full. We were supposed to stay seated. They were passing out seasick bags but luckily both of us survived. It was not a fun ride.

The ferry stops at several islands. The stop to let us off was very quick. We and a few other people hurried off the back of the boat as a few others were getting on up front and then off they went. I bet they didn’t stop for even ten minutes.

Our ferry

We rented a car and drove up the mountains to our hotel.

The view from our balcony

I took a long nap and then we walked into the nearby village to buy snacks for dinner. The grocery stores were closed from 1:00 to 5:30 so we had coffee while we waited.

The path to the village.

As the sun set we had a nice picnic on our balcony with three cats circling looking for handouts. We will be on Sifnos for two nights before moving on to the next island.