Adriatic Sea to Dubrovnik

We woke up this morning as we were docking Dubrovnik.


We got off the ferry and got in line for passport control. It looked like it was going to be a long wait.

Waiting in Dubrovnik for passport control

But then an official came out and announce that the entrance to passport control would be in a different place, right in front of us! So we were the first people through passport control!

We walked to our hotel and since it was only 8:30 am, our room wasn’t ready. We left out bags and went in search of breakfast. We found a local spot. I ordered a continental breakfast and Duke ordered the croque monsieur. They really hit the spot.

croque monsieur
Continental breakfast

After breakfast we walked into old town Dubrovnik. There were about a million people and there were lots of places advertising Game of Thrones souvenirs. Much of Game of Thrones was filmed here. In spite of all that, it was an interesting old town to explore.

Old town Dubrovnik
Shops in old town Dubrovnik
Old town Dubrovnik

We walked back to our hotel. The room still wasn’t ready so we had beers and relaxed for a bit until we could get into the room.

Plaque on a boat in a park on the way back to the hotel.
Boat in a park near our hotel.
Waiting for our room

After a rest in our room we had a wonderful dinner at Orka, a nearby restaurant.


Bari to the Adriatic Sea

Today our first objective after breakfast was to get our laundry done and be back at our hotel in time to check out by 11. We accomplished it with no time to spare.

Doing our laundry

Then we went out to explore Bari. We visited the castle.

Bari Castle

We walked a lot trying to figure out where to get the boarding passes for the ferry. Luckily we had a lot of time. According to my watch we walked over 7 miles today.

Ferry check in. We learned that from here there is a shuttle bus to where the ferry loads.

Around 4 we had an early dinner.

Our early dinner at Mastro Ciccio
U Pulp Sandwich

We were able to board the ferry at about 7:15.

Our ferry

Now we are in our stateroom. We watched Italy recede in the distance as we pulled out of Bari. We’ve taken pills for motion sickness just in case. There is no wifi on this ship so I will post this blog once we get to Dubrovnik.

Our room on the Jadrolinija Ferry

We have had a very full and interesting almost three weeks in Italy. Our next stop is Dubrovnik, Croatia. The adventure continues!

We made it!
The pilot stepping off the ship
Leaving Italy

As I get time and internet I am posting videos of our trip on our YouTube channel – Boomers Without Borders. Duke’s review of our rental car in Italy is here. And the video of us in Naples and Pompeii is here. I have created Google and Apple albums of all our photos. If you are interested let me know and I’ll give you access.

Naples to Bari

After breakfast this morning Duke and I did most of the Rick Steves Naples walking tour. His walking tours really add to my enjoyment of a place. I wish there were more available.

Naples walking tour
Fish market
On the Naples walking tour
The Tripperia! What are all those parts?

Naples is gritty, vibrant and full of history. We definitely got a taste of all that on this walk. We had to cut this walk short to get to the bus station for our 12:15 bus to Bari.

Waiting for the bus to Bari
On the bus

Bari has been a real surprise. We expected a gritty port city. This is where we will catch the ferry to Dubrovnik tomorrow. Instead we walked through an upscale shopping district on the walk from the bus to our hotel. Later when we went out for a walk we explored a charming old town.

Old town Bari
A stop for Spritz and a snack

We had an absolutely fabulous dinner near our hotel.

We started with the octopus appetizer
And ended with a chocolate and truffle desert.

Picerno to Naples

This morning we drove to the train station in Naples where we turned in our rental car. We all went into the station and Brian and Jo Ann bought tickets to Rome. We saw them off at the train platform gate. We have had a wonderful two weeks traveling together. We will miss them.

Brian and Jo Ann leaving for Rome

Duke and I walked to our hotel and checked in. We had a lazy afternoon in our room.

Tonight we are at L’antica Pizzeria da Michele. It is one of the oldest and most famous pizzerias in Italy. It was a fun experience and the pizza was good. We could see where it was from a block away because of the crowd in the street. There was a long line of people waiting to order pizza to go. If you want to eat inside you get a number and wait for it to come up on the display. Everybody waits in the street.

L’antica Pizzeria da Michele

When we arrived we got number 30 and they were serving number 3. It took about an hour for our turn to come. There are only four kinds of pizza on the menu and a few drinks. Our bill was €17!

Eating at L’antica Pizzeria da Michele

Policoro to Picerno

We are now on the way back to Naples. This morning we left the coast at the ‘instep’ of Italy and headed inland and northwest in the Basilicata region of Italy. Along the way we stopped at the town of Matera. It is the oldest continuously occupied town in Italy. According to Wikipedia the area has been occupied since the Palaeolithic (10th millennium BC). The town is built around a canyon and is famous for its cave dwellings. We parked and walked.

Cave dwellings in Matera
Behind us is the Duomo in Matera.

The cave dwellings in Matera were a slum in the 1950s and were then abandoned. Now they contain shops, B and Bs, and a knitting shop! The first I have seen in Italy.

Knitting shop in Matera
Knitting shop in Matera

After leaving Matera we found a great spot for Duke to record his YouTube review of our Fiat 500X. It will be posted on our YouTube channel soon. If you follow the channel you may have seen that we are now up to 115 subscribers. Thank you all! We have named the channel Boomers Without Borders.

Getting ready to record Duke review of our Fiat 500X

Tonight we are staying at a hotel overlooking the town of Picerno.

Picerno from our hotel.

We played cards in Brian and Jo Ann’s room. tomorrow Brian and Jo Ann will head back to Rome as they start their trip home. So tonight was our last game of 500. The final reckoning for our two weeks of card playing found Duke in first place, Brian and Jo Ann tied for second and me in last place. Our nightly card games were a lot of fun.

Our last card game