Agriturismo Trappeto Vecchio to Policoro

This morning after breakfast at our Agriturismo we went to see the Archaeological Park of Sybaris. Three different cities have existed on this site. The Greek city of Sybaris was established about 720 BC. Another Greek city, Thurii was established about 444 BC. And the Roman city of Copia was established about 194 BC. We visited both the archaeological site and the associated museum.

The ruins of Copia and Thurii
The ruins of Copia and Thurii
Inside the Sybaris Archaeological Museum

Tonight we are staying at a beach resort. After we checked in we went down to the beech to swim in the Mediterranean.

Duke and I ready to take on the Mediterranean

Then we went back to the hotel to play cards outside our room.

Playing cards

For dinner we went to a nearby restaurant.

Seafood grill
The pizza that Duke and I shared.

Scilla to Agriturismo Trappeto Vecchio

Today we drove up the heel of Italy to a wonderful Agriturismo near the instep of Italy.

But first we decided to drive up to the top of the highest mountain above Scilla where we stayed last night. The brochure we picked up at the hotel made the drive and hike sound relatively easy and there was supposed to be a Christ the Redeemer statue at the top.

The road was very potholed. We stopped to eat the melon we bought a few days ago.

Eating our melon

A bit farther up the road we stopped at the sign for Montalto. Duke and Jo Ann made it to the top of the mountain. We didn’t find the statue but there was a great view.

The view from the top
Duke and Jo Ann on top of Montalto

I think Agriturismo Trappeto Vecchio where we are staying is the nicest Agroturismo we have stayed at. The owner greeted us and offered us beer made by a friend of his. The setting is idyllic. We are surrounded by citrus and olive trees.

Our welcome drink
Agriturismo Trappeto Vecchio
Where we ate and played cards

We had a wonderful dinner ending with fruit from his trees.

Selfie at dinner

Agrigento to Scilla

The roads we have driven on in Sicily vary dramatically. We started out today on back roads that were in very poor condition.

Guard rail where the road used to be

We ended as we were leaving Sicily on excellent four lane highways.

Autostrada with Mt Etna in the background.

We left Sicily by ferry.

Ferry from Sicily to Calabria

Tonight we are staying in the picturesque little town of Scilla. It is on the Calabrian side of the Straights of Messina directly across from the extreme eastern tip of Sicily.

After checking into our hotel we visited Castle Ruffo on the strategic tip of the headland

Ruffo castle
Duke and Marion at Ruffo Castle

Then we had gelato next to the beach.

Gelato break
Ruffo Castle from Scilla beach

Our hotel is 310 feet above the beach. They have an elevator from the town center down to the beach. We walked down to the beach but took the elevator back up.

For dinner we hiked down to the beach again and ate at a lovely restaurant out over the water with the waves crashing around us.

Dinner in Scilla
Stuffed anchovies
Mixed seafood grill
Puffed pastry with figs.

After dinner we again took the elevator up to the town center and then walked to our hotel.

From west of Agrigento to north of Agrigento

This morning we had breakfast at our Agriturismo then went for a walk in the vineyards.

Walking near our Agriturismo

Today was a bit of a rest day. We only went about forty miles. Tonight we are at Agriturismo Tenuta San Giovanni Casale Leto, it is a lovely place on the top of a hill with a 360 degree view.

Brian and Jo Ann in the pool

On our way here today we thought we might find a laundromat and do our laundry. We found what might be one on Google and followed Google’s driving directions. This is where we ended up

It’s a car wash!

As we were driving through this town we followed the garbage collector for a while. It was interesting that people hang their trash from their balcony on a hook and the garbage man takes it and tosses it in the truck

Garbage collection

This afternoon we rested and played cards by the pool.

We ate dinner at our Agriturismo. It was a great dinner. We ate outside, started with antipasto, then had casarecca pasta with mozzarella and pesto then had pork and mozzarella rolls with fresh green beans. Then we ended with fresh melon.


Palermo to Agrigenta

This morning before we left Palermo we walked down to the waterfront to see all the yachts and cruise ships. We also saw the mural of Giovanni Falcone and Paola Borsellino, two Italian judges who took on the mafia and were assassinated in 1992.

Palermo harbor
Falcone and Borsellino mural.

We drove south out of Palermo to our agritourismo near Agrigento where we are tonight. When our rooms were ready we went for a swim in the pool. It felt great because it is very hot here today.

Cooling off in the swimming pool

About 5:00 we visited the valley of the temples to see the temples that were built there in the fifth century BC.

Temple in the Valley of the Temples
Temple in the Valley of the Temples

We had dinner at our agriturismo.

Canollo for desert