Athens to Home

Last Tuesday we flew from Athens to Zurich and then from Zurich to San Francisco. It was a pleasant shock to see the green landscape of Switzerland after the brown hills of the last couple of weeks in Greece.

Landing in Zurich

The line for departure control in Zurich was really long but we made our plane with no problem.

Departure control in Zurich
On the plane headed home.

I love Global Entry. Once you have finished the application process you can enter the US by just having your face scanned. It is super fast.

In San Francisco we took BART to the East Bay where Allie and the grandkids met us. Than Duke drove home to Reno. There was fresh snow in the mountains and on the roads so it was a long drive but he made it!

I stayed in the Bay Area for a few days. I got to have lunch with Shannon and I helped with the Grandkids while Allie was on a business trip. I took Amtrak home on Thursday.

Hanging out with the grandkids.

It’s nice to be home.

The view from our back door this morning.