Oulad Berhil to Essaouira

Today was the the longest driving day we will have during our time in Morocco. We drove a total of 190 miles. It took us 6 hours.

We had a lovely breakfast by the pool at Prestige du Souss before we left. Then I went up on the roof to check out the view. I also got a picture of us and our hosts as we were saying goodbye.

Prestige du Souss
Saying goodbye to our hosts

Our route was west to the Atlantic coast and then pretty much north to the coastal town of Essaouira.

Quite a load
Driving north along the coast

As we were driving up the coast we saw a lot of police checkpoints. They always waved us through, until at one checkpoint out in the country, and inland a bit, they waved us over. In Impeccable English the uniformed police officer asked Duke for our papers and then asked Duke to get out of the car. We all heard Duke say, Not me!! I didn’t!! And then he was getting back in the car and we were on our way. They had accused him of passing a blue car illegally a ways back. When he was adamant that he had done nothing wrong they decided not to push it. We all breathed a sigh of relief and we were on our way. Unfortunately I got no pictures. I suppose it wouldn’t have been a good idea to ask the policeman to pose with Duke.

After arriving in Essaouira we went for a walk along the beach. Duke and Roger went off with an old guy who offered to show them the fishing boats. They learned all about the fishing fleet.

Walking along the beach
You could get horse and camel rides on the beach.
Roger learning about fishing in Essaouira

We had a great fish dinner at a restaurant on the beech. You can tell we are back in a more touristy area because there was beer on the menu.

Our dinner spot
Our sunset view from dinner.

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