Safi to Casablanca

Today was pretty much the last day of our Moroccon Road trip. We drove up the coast from Safi to Casablanca.

It got greener the farther north we went.
We have seen this multiple times. But today we finally got a picture of cows on top of cattle trucks.

Casablanca is a big city. (Over 3 million people.) It is certainly the most cosmopolitan city we have been to in Morocco. The drive to our hotel was a bit stressful because of all the traffic and the crazy drivers. But we made it and we are settled in the Art Palace Suites and spa. Each room has a different theme.

Gayle and Roger are in the Scheherazade suite
we are in the Charlie Chaplin Suite

We went out for a walk after we got here and then had a great dinner at a nearby French restaurant Le Kimmy’Z.

Out for a walk. Our hotel is in the background
Our salad to share
Duke’s fish