Casablanca Day 2

This morning we found a place for breakfast and then walked to the Hassan II Mosque and took a tour.



The scale of the Mosque is astounding. It is the third biggest in the world, the biggest outside of Saudi Arabia and it has the tallest minaret in the world. The mosque is stunningly beautiful. It is constructed almost exclusively of Moroccan materials.

The Hassan II Mosque
The inside can hold 20,000 men
The wooden women’s area above the main floor can hold 5000 women
The Absolution area is below the main floor

From the mosque we walked to a bookstore that had some books in English.

And of course lots of books in French

Then we had tea and played cards.


For our last dinner in Africa we went an absolutely wonderful African Fusion Restaurant called NKOA.

My Fastella Marocaine
Gayle’s Tuna
NKOA Restaurant