La Granja to Tordesillas

Before leaving La Granja we toured the Royal Palace of La Granja. The palace was built by Phillip V in the early 1700s and became the royal residence.

We couldn’t take pictures inside.
They were cleaning the fountains and presumably will turn them on soon.

We left La Granja around noon and drove a short distance to see the Roman Aqueduct in Segovia. It was built in the first century and used up until 1973 to carry water from springs 17 kilometers away to the town.

The Segovia Roman Aqueduct
Rich and Duke beside one of the pillars of the aqueduct.

From Segovia we drove to the Parador where we are staying tonight in Tordesillas. On the way we saw trees with large pieces of bark removed. Sap was being collected from pine trees. I don’t know what it is for. Perhaps turpentine?

Collecting sap
Trees being used to collect sap.

For dinner we went to a near by steak house. It was part of a camp ground. We had a fabulous meal. The meat flavorful and tender.

The beef and pork sampler platter that Duke and I shared.
Restaurant Abrasador El Astral