Carcassonne to Lacabraede

When we went looking for a breakfast spot this morning we first walked over the bridge towards the old town. When we couldn’t find anything open we went back across the river and found a little place in the newer town center. The owner pushed some tables together for us and we had our chocolate croissants and coffee.


Our car was parked in the municipal garage under the main square, quite close to the hotel. Although it was lightly raining it wasn’t far and we decided to walk to the car after we checked out. But as we started to walk the skies opened up and it poured! We waited under an awning for a few minutes until the rain lightened up a bit and then we made a run for it. With the heat turned on we dried relatively quickly.

Packing the car after our run through the rain.

Today was a short drive through the French countryside. As many of you know we love to stop at Roman bridges. So when we saw a sign today of course we stopped.

Roman Bridge sign
Those Romans knew how to build bridges
Duke on the bridge

The rest of our drive was on a scenic, windy mountain road through the Montagne Noire in the rain. Eventually we arrived at the restored 19th century mansion, Demeure de Flore where we are tonight. We had a relaxing afternoon resting and playing cards and the the owner/ chef prepared us a delicious dinner.

My veal stake on leaks