Lacabraede to Collioure

It was still raining when we woke up this morning. We found a boulangerie near our hotel and had coffee and pastries.

The Boulanger where we ate breakfast

We drove south almost to the Spanish border to the lovely seaside town of Collioure. Duke and I have been here before and loved it. Before we checked into the hotel we browsed in the bustling market next to the hotel. We bought and shared some brioche. The apple brioche was wonderful. It was full of crispy tasty apples

The breads looked fantastic.
Duke eating his apple brioche.

I’ve got the cold that Duke had a few days ago. So after we checked in I took a nap and Duke, Roger and Gayle explored Collioure. Then they played cards in the courtyard outside our room.

This is the courtyard at Hotel La Casa Pairal where we are staying.

We had dinner in a small little restaurant near our hotel, El Capillo. We talked to the chef and his wife who waited on us. There was great music in the background and it was a wonderful meal.

El Capillo where we ate dinner
At dinner. That’s the chef in the background.
My lamb
Really refreshing and tasty amuse bouche. A mixture of Rrspberry juice, beet juice, milk and lemon juice