Copenhagen to home

Yesterday was a very long day. All went according to plan.

In the morning in Copenhagen we had an excellent breakfast at our hotel. Now we are back to reality! No more hotel breakfasts. No more European croissants.

Breakfast at our hotel.

After breakfast we went for a walk in the Christianshaven neighborhood around the hotel.

Church of Our Saviour
Enjoying a bench on our walk.
Outside Freetown Christiania.

Around noon we checked out and took the metro to the airport. Our Premium plus tickets included lounge access so we enjoyed the SAS lounge and then caught our plane to San Francisco.

In the SAS lounge in Copenhagen.

In San Francisco we took BART to Walnut Creek picked up our car and drove home to Reno.

It was a wonderful trip and we both had a great time. Thanks to Roger and Gayle and Rick and Elaine for sharing it with us. After 57 days, 41 hotels, 4 rental cars, 8 flights and 7 countries it is great to be home.

Our backyard this morning.

Prague to Copenhagen

Yesterday we looked at our options for the easiest and best way to get to the airport in Prague. And then Duke discovered that in Prague if you are over 70 you can ride the metro for free. So the decision was made! This morning we caught the metro and then a connecting bus to the Prague Airport. The whole trip was very easy!

On the metro
Waiting for the airport bus.

The flight was about 90 minutes and uneventful. In Copenhagen the public transit is fantastic and in less than 45 minutes we were at our hotel.

On the metro in Copenhagen.
The view as we walking to our hotel.

When we were in Copenhagen a couple of months ago we paid about $60 for 2 glasses of wine and a bowl of nuts. I check the bar menu as Duke was checking in. A hamburger costs $40. So for dinner tonight we decided to picnic in our room. We went to the grocery store and bought wine, bread, cheese and pâté. We had a fantastic dinner.

Pâté choices at the grocery store.
Walking back from the grocery store.
Our picnic dinner.


This morning we did the Rick Steves walking tour of Prague.

We started in Wenceslas Square.
This is the statue of King Wenceslas.
I detoured to a couple of toy store that weren’t on the tour.
I liked this Transformer
Another store had 100s of different puppets.
Another puppet
Last Sunday (western Easter) and today (orthodox Easter) we saw lots of people carrying Easter baskets with beautifully embroidered covers.

Our walk ended at the Charles Bridge over the Vlatava River. You can see Prague castle in the distance.

Charles Bridge

After the tour we sat in the main square and had beers.

Beers after our walk.
And then we shared a tunnel cake hot off the grill

Ústí nad Orlicí to Prague

It as overcast today, but no rain! Hallelujah!! We walked to the train station and caught a 10:30 train for Prague.

On our way to he train station. All the creeks and rivers look very high.

In Prague we walked to our hotel where we plan to spend two nights. Prague is a beautiful city!

Walking to the hotel in Prague.

Later in the afternoon we went out exploring.

Watching the musicians in the main square.
There were lots of stalls selling delicious looking food.

For dinner we went to a nearby restaurant. Apparently the Czech Republic is the number one consumer of beer in the world. I can understand why. Czech beer is so good.

Duke and his half and half beer, a liter mixture of lager and Pilsner.
The waitress said I was the first woman she had seen finish a liter. She congratulated me but I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of!

When we came out of the restaurant the square and the sky were amazing. The square was beautifully lit and the sky was clear and deep blue.

The Prague main square after dinner.
I’m sorry this trip is almost over.

Brno to Ústí nad Orlicí

This morning we walked to the train station in the rain. For some reason we had to take about a 20 minute bus ride to catch the train. In Ústí nad Orlicí we thought we would take a taxi to our hotel since it was about two miles away and it was still raining. But there were no cabs so we walked. Luckily the temp was in the 50s so it wasn’t too cold.

Duke walking in the rain to the train in Brno
Duke walking in the rain to the hotel in Ústí nad Orlicí.

For dinner tonight we ate at the restaurant at our hotel. Dining experiences are a big part of why we enjoy traveling. We had local beer. If you look at the pork rib picture below you can see the grated horseradish, the sauerkraut, the pickles and the brown bread. I guess fresh horseradish must be traditionally Czech. We have had it multiple times and it is so good. Plus that is a lot of horseradish!

The other dish is the goulash and dumplings. It was perfectly flavored and the spices gave it a bit of a kick. It was also very good.

Goulash and dumplings
Pork ribs, pickles, sauerkraut, mustard, bread and fresh horseradish.