Munich, Germany to Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Our bus left Munich this morning at 8 am so we had to be up early. We had breakfast at 6:30 then walked to the bus station.

The sky was pretty and only partly cloudy in Munich.

The bus ride was about 5 hours. We travelled through Germany and Austria before entering the Czech Republic. This is a new country for both Duke and I. Our first stop in the Czech Republic is Český Krumlov.

As we drove east the clouds closed in and it got cloudier and colder. This is Český Krumlov from the bus station.
Here we are at the bus station in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic.

From the bus station we walked towards the place where we are staying, Pension Kristian. We knew that we couldn’t check in until 3 so we found a restaurant and had beer and pizza. We worked on the NYT Sunday crossword puzzle to kill time while we waited.

Here is our view as we walked towards the old town.
We learned that the word for beer in the Czech language is pivo. That’s the first word Czech word I’ve learned!

We were at the door of Pension Kristian at 5 til 3 waiting with another couple. But it wasn’t until 3:01 that they opened the door and let us in. We have a very nice room. We will be here two nights.

Our room in Český Krumlov.

After a short rest we went out to check out the Easter market in the square nearby. All the food looked so good that we had a hard time deciding what to eat.

The Easter market.
One of the many food stalls at the Easter Market.
Sausage and beer made a great dinner.
Fresh hot flatbread looked good for desert.
Here I am with my flatbread and beer.
The carousel.