Graechen to Lucerne

Our road trip through Switzerland is almost finished. Tomorrow we will turn our car in in Basel. Today we drove north and a bit west to Lucerne. It was basically clear and cold today, a wonderful day to enjoy the Alps. We stopped to stretch about an hour into the drive at the GOMS suspension bridge.

GOMS bridge
I went a ways out on the bridge. It sways a lot! This is the view from the bridge.

Then we took another car train. This time we were on the Furka car train which takes about 15 minutes and goes about 9.5 miles.

Waiting for the train.
Cars coming off the train that we will be getting on.
In the tunnel.

In Lucerne our hotel is right next to the train station. We parked the car, checked in and then went for a walk.

The Chapel Bridge was originally built in 1333.
The four of us on the Chapel Bridge.
The weather was nice enough that we could sit outside for our beers.
Our hotel
The view from our balcony.
For dinner we had pizza.
Our pizza.