Zurich, Switzerland to Munich, Germany

This morning we went out to the airport with Rick and Elaine to see them off on their trip home. We had a wonderful time traveling with them.

Rick and Elaine checking in for their flight.

On the way back to our hotel Duke wanted to visit the Easter Bunny but I told him No! He’s too old.

Duke looking at the Lindt chocolate bunny and the line to visit the real Easter Bunny.

At about 1 o’clock we walked to the bus station and caught a bus to Munich. Duke booked the front seats on the upper level of the bus so we had a nice view for the 4 hour ride.

On the bus for Munich.
The view from the bus.

In Munich we walked to our hotel.

Munich train station. It’s right next to the bus station.

For dinner we went to Café am Beethovenplatz where we ate last time we were in Munich. The atmosphere, the music and the food were great.

Café am Beethovenplatz