Ústí nad Orlicí to Prague

It as overcast today, but no rain! Hallelujah!! We walked to the train station and caught a 10:30 train for Prague.

On our way to he train station. All the creeks and rivers look very high.

In Prague we walked to our hotel where we plan to spend two nights. Prague is a beautiful city!

Walking to the hotel in Prague.

Later in the afternoon we went out exploring.

Watching the musicians in the main square.
There were lots of stalls selling delicious looking food.

For dinner we went to a nearby restaurant. Apparently the Czech Republic is the number one consumer of beer in the world. I can understand why. Czech beer is so good.

Duke and his half and half beer, a liter mixture of lager and Pilsner.
The waitress said I was the first woman she had seen finish a liter. She congratulated me but I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of!

When we came out of the restaurant the square and the sky were amazing. The square was beautifully lit and the sky was clear and deep blue.

The Prague main square after dinner.
I’m sorry this trip is almost over.