Zäziwil to Graechen

Today we drove southwest into the Alps almost to the Swiss Italian border. The route Google proposed and that we wanted to take had an instruction to “Take the Lötschberg Tunnel Train”. We had not realized when we started that the tunnel train would be part of the route.

The tunnel train is almost like taking a toll road. You pull up, pay your toll and then drive on to the train. In about 15 minutes the train pulls out and into a 9 mile tunnel. At the end of the tunnel you drive off and continue down the road.

Getting on to the tunnel train

When we came out of the other end of the tunnel the skies were clear and the mountains were all around us.

Taking pictures of the Alps

We drove up into the Alps to the ski town of Graechen. We can see the gondola from out hotel. They will still be skiing here for a couple more days.

Duke and I on the Main Street of Graechen
The gondola and skiers from our room.
Another view from Graechen
Duke and I had a three flavor fondue for dinner. The flavors were herb, chili and truffle.
Elaine had wienerschnitzel.