Prague to Copenhagen

Yesterday we looked at our options for the easiest and best way to get to the airport in Prague. And then Duke discovered that in Prague if you are over 70 you can ride the metro for free. So the decision was made! This morning we caught the metro and then a connecting bus to the Prague Airport. The whole trip was very easy!

On the metro
Waiting for the airport bus.

The flight was about 90 minutes and uneventful. In Copenhagen the public transit is fantastic and in less than 45 minutes we were at our hotel.

On the metro in Copenhagen.
The view as we walking to our hotel.

When we were in Copenhagen a couple of months ago we paid about $60 for 2 glasses of wine and a bowl of nuts. I check the bar menu as Duke was checking in. A hamburger costs $40. So for dinner tonight we decided to picnic in our room. We went to the grocery store and bought wine, bread, cheese and pâté. We had a fantastic dinner.

Pâté choices at the grocery store.
Walking back from the grocery store.
Our picnic dinner.