Domme to Uzerche

We had a wonderful breakfast this morning in the kitchen at Le Relais de Galais. Duncan and his wife Jane built the house and grounds. Duncan was away while we were there but Jane showed some of his amazing wood work.

Duncan built the table we ate breakfast on.
He used the lathe that is now part of the counter to help build the house.
Duncan used the lathe to make the bowl that Rick is holding.

After breakfast we went for a walk along the trail above the Dordogne.

This is the trail we took.
This was the view on our walk.
Before we left Jane took a nice picture of the four of us.

Our drive to Uzerche was relatively short so we made several stops along the way.

Our road went under the toll road.

We had a lovely picnic lunch at road site rest area that was built as a memorial to four village men who were shot by the Nazis here.

Our picnic lunch spot.
We are staying at Hotel Joyet de Malbec in Uzerche.

After resting a bit we walked down to the river that we can see from our windows.

This gate used to be a part of the town wall.
This is the river we can see from the windows of our rooms.

On the way back from our walk we stopped for beers.

Having beers after our walk.

We ate dinner in the hotel. Everything is home made and locally sourced.

Foie gras
Sweet breads
Sorbet and lemon cake.