Rocamadour to Tour de Faure

We had a busy and fun day Friday as we headed south. Before we even left our hotel room at Site Notre Dame in Rocamadour, Duke heard a whooshing sound outside. He looked out the window and saw a hot air balloon being filled in the valley below us. It took off and went right by our window.

Hot air being filled below Rocamadour
Hot air balloon outside our window

Rocamadour is built into a cliff. Near the bottom is the village. On top of that is the church and on top of that is the chateau. After breakfast we climbed up to the church and then to the chateau.

Rocamadour, a chateau on top of a church on top of a village.
Rocamadour, our hotel is the white stone building in the middle
Duke climbing to the church

From the top we took a different path back down.

La Porte du Figuier

Our drive south was on windy almost empty roads. We stopped for cheese and a baguette and then had a picnic next to the town hall in the little village of Saint-Martin-de-Vers.

Picnic selfie

Just a couple of miles from our destination we did a hike along the Lot River. The Chemin de Halage de Ganil. The hike ended up being a little longer than we had planned because what looked like junctions on the map were actually places where the trail on the top of the cliff was directly above the trail at the bottom of the cliff! I’m pretty sure the trail along the river is an old tow path.


Chemin de Halage

We are spending the night in Tour-de-Faure in a gîte in the country.

On the terrace of our gite at La Puits de Garival

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