Golfo Aranci to Bosa

Today was an uneventful day. We drove west and a bit south from the eastern coast of Sardinia to the western coast of Sardinia.

We started seeing cork production almost immediately. I don’t know what the proper word is for the mill we saw. When I see logs piled up I think sawmill so maybe when I see cork bark piled up in giant stacks it’s a corkmill?

We also saw lots and lots of trees that had their bark harvested and at least one truck hauling cork bark. In Portugal a few years ago we were told that they can harvest cork from a tree once every seven years.

A tree whose cork bark has been harvested

In Bosa we checked into our hotel and went for a walk.

Bosa from our hotel balcony

The restaurant where we ate dinner was packed, I suppose because it was Saturday night. I think most of the patrons were locals. It was fun to watch all the animated conversations and listen to all the Italian being spoken around us as people greeted each other and caught up.

Shrimp, onion and melon salad
Fregola pasta with seafood sauce.
Almond ice cream with caramel sauce