Dolceluna, Muravera to Olbia

Today was quite a long day of driving. We drove all the way up the east coast of Sardinia. We needed to return the car by 3:30 so only stopped briefly along the way to stretch.

After we had been driving about an hour I saw a garden store and suggested we stop there to browse and stretch our legs. OMG the colors, the orchids and the cacti. It was spectacular.


The other highlight of the drive was the stunning mountains we drove through. The granite, gorges and heights reminded me a bit of the California Sierras.

Mountains south of Olbia.

We had aperitifs and a snack soon after we arrived.


For dinner Duke had spaghetti with clams and tomatoes.

Duke’s spaghetti

I had Culurgiones Ogliastrino, filled pasta with cheese, potatoes and mint sautéed with smoked swordfish butter and wine.

My pasta

We always trade dishes half way through so I can report that both were very good.

Desert was a chocolate sphere filled with ice cream and topped with wild berries