Lisbon to Viseu

This morning after breakfast we took a one hour Tuk-tuk tour of central Lisbon.

Duke negotiating with the Tuk-tuk driver
On our Tuk-tuk tour.

We made several stops. Learned about Lisbon history and the earthquake, fire and tsunami that destroyed the city in 1755, The whole tour was a lot of fun.

View of Lisbon
After our tour

We packed up, checked out then played a few hands of bridge until it was time to pick up our rental car.

Playing bridge before leaving Lisbon

We picked up our rental car and drove north about three hours to Viseu. We will have this rental car for 11 days. Watch for a video review from Duke before we turn the car in.

Our rental car

We stayed in Viseu at this Pausada once before on 13 February 2016. The building is a former hospital. The central court is three stories tall and surrounded by colonnades. Duke and I had gin and tonics in the central court yard then the four of us finished our bridge game. Linda and I won!


Pausada of Viseu
Gin an Tonics in the Court Yard

We had an excellent dinner in the hotel restaurant..

Sea bass

Milan to Home

We are home! Tuesday was a long day but it all went very smoothly and according to plan. We flew from Milan’s Linate airport to London and from London to San Francisco. We had been planning to take BART from the airport to Walnut Creek where we spent the night but three of our grandchildren and their Mother surprised us at the airport. It was so wonderful to see them.

Our wonderful welcoming committee.

Wednesday we drove from Walnut Creek to Reno. Now we are busy going through the mail, doing laundry, and working on all the other things on the todo list.

It was a wonderful trip. I have so far posted 14 videos of our trip on my YouTube channel. I will edit and post the rest over the next couple of weeks. I’m also planning to do a video of Duke and I talking about the trip and our plans for our next trip. Let me know if you have suggestions for questions we should answer.

Thank you all for following along. it makes a trip more fun when we get to share it with others.

Milan – our last day in Europe!

This morning Duke and I spent more than four hours getting our covid tests so that they will let us back into the U.S. We spent an hour walking to the train station, we spent an hour waiting in line for our tests, we sent an hour waiting for results and we spent an hour walking back to our room. What a zoo! But we are cleared to travel.

Waiting for our covid test results.

This afternoon we did The Rick Steves walking tour of the Duomo neighborhood of Milan. We went into the massive Duomo.

The Duomo
Inside the Duomo

We went down into the basement under the church and saw the archaeological remains of earlier churches.

Under the Duomo

We took the elevator and then climbed a bunch of steps to get to the roof of the Duomo. Getting an up close look at the spires and getting to see the view of Milan was very cool.

Looking down on Piazza del Duomo
Duomo flying buttress
On the roof facing the back of the facade of the Duomo.
The view from the roof with the Alps in the distance.

We walked through the Galleria Victor Emanuele II. And we saw the La Scala opera house.

La Scala Opera House

For dinner we ate at Spazio, a Michelin listed restaurant on the fourth floor of the Galleria Victor Emanuel II, overlooking the Piazza del Duomo. It was an absolutely perfect last supper in Europe. Tomorrow we fly home.

Homemade Tortellini filled with chicken and pepper sauce
Linguine with clams and parsley sauce.
Fish soup
Pandolce with ice cream and sour cherries.
Duke at our table in Spazio

Cornello dei Tasso to Milan

Our trip is almost over. Today we drove to Milan and returned our rental car. It is good we were doing this on a Sunday for a couple of reasons. One, although there was a lot of traffic, it was undoubtedly less than it would have been on a week day. Driving into a big city is always stressful, so it was a huge relief to get the car where it needed to be. The second advantage of arriving on a Sunday is that there was not a big toll for driving in the central city like there would have been on a weekday.

It is quite a relief to have completed 5 car rentals, driving and navigating in four different countries and maneuvering the many narrow roads and tight spaces with no mishaps!

We walked to our hotel but when we rang the buzzer no one answered. We assumed that it was because it was only 1:15 and checking time was 2:00. We shared a pizza at a nearby restaurant while we waited. Finally at 2:00 we figured out that we needed to call a number to be let in. After a few more minutes a guy arrived and we had a room.

Pizza while we wait.

For dinner we ate in a very nice restaurant, La Locanda del Gatos Rossi, located in the Galleria Victor Emmanuel II, one of the world’s first shopping malls.

Pasta with truffles and fried squash blossoms, cheese and anchovies.
Steak and potatoes.
Galleria Victor Emmanuel II. Our restaurant is on the left.
The Duomo on our walk back to our room.
Our room is behind the arched window above the KFC

Cadenabbia on Lake Como to Cornello dei Tasso in the Italian Alps

Friday night our hotel was on the western shore of Lake Como. The place we are staying tonight is in the Italian Alps east of Lake Como. So this morning we took the ferry to Belagio, and then drove from there to Cornello dei Tasso.

Leaving Cadenabbia
Arriving in Belagio

As we left Belagio we stopped so Duke could do a review of the Fiat 500 we have been driving. I’m thinking I may make Duke’s car reviews s regular feature of this blog!

Once we got off the main roads our drive was slow and beautiful.

Our road

Finding our B&B in Cornello dei Tasso was a bit of a challenge. Cornello dei Tasso is a medieval village that is accessible only on foot. It was an important trading center on the road north to Switzerland during the Middle Ages. But at the end of the 1500s a new road passed it by which isolated it and helped ensure it would be preserved. Our B&B is in a beautifully restored old house. Once we got to the end of the road we had to walk a quarter of a mile to get to the B&B.

Our B&B

One of the other buildings in this isolated hamlet is a Trattoria where we ate dinner. Everything was home made and delicious. The homemade pasta was the best.

Then we had cheese polenta, meat, and finally chocolate panna cotta.

Polenta with cheese
Panna cotta

The whole dinner including a litre of the house wine cost €37 ($43).

Tomorrow we drive to Milan and turn in our car and Tuesday we fly home.