Cadenabbia on Lake Como to Cornello dei Tasso in the Italian Alps

Friday night our hotel was on the western shore of Lake Como. The place we are staying tonight is in the Italian Alps east of Lake Como. So this morning we took the ferry to Belagio, and then drove from there to Cornello dei Tasso.

Leaving Cadenabbia
Arriving in Belagio

As we left Belagio we stopped so Duke could do a review of the Fiat 500 we have been driving. I’m thinking I may make Duke’s car reviews s regular feature of this blog!

Once we got off the main roads our drive was slow and beautiful.

Finding our B&B in Cornello dei Tasso was a bit of a challenge. Cornello dei Tasso is a medieval village that is accessible only on foot. It was an important trading center on the road north to Switzerland during the Middle Ages. But at the end of the 1500s a new road passed it by which isolated it and helped ensure it would be preserved. Our B&B is in a beautifully restored old house. Once we got to the end of the road we had to walk a quarter of a mile to get to the B&B.

Our B&B

One of the other buildings in this isolated hamlet is a Trattoria where we ate dinner. Everything was home made and delicious. The homemade pasta was the best.

Then we had cheese polenta, meat, and finally chocolate panna cotta.

Polenta with cheese
Panna cotta

The whole dinner including a litre of the house wine cost €37 ($43).

Tomorrow we drive to Milan and turn in our car and Tuesday we fly home.

Lake Como – 5 November 2021

Friday was a perfect fall day, cool, clear and sunny. So we decided to enjoy the day and our setting by hiking up to the San Martino Church on the mountain above the lake. You can see it on the ledge about half way up the mountain in the picture below.

At the start of our hike.

The hike was about two miles up and back, with 800 feet of elevation gain. The views were stupendous.

San Martino Church overlooking Lake Como.
Lake Como from San Martino Church
What a day!
Enjoying the view
Me on the way down.

For dinner we ate at Rodrigo Ristorante Pizzeria near our hotel. We started with a meat, pecorino cheese and walnut salad flavored with honey. I don’t know how they put the honey on the salad but it was the only dressing and the salad was fabulous. There was just a hint of honey in every bite.

Then we had pinse. It is the second time we’ve had pinse on this trip. It’s like pizza but the crust is very special. It’s made with different flours and it’s soft and crunchy. I love it. And we had beer instead of wine for a change!

Pavia to Cadenabbia on Lake Como

As soon as we left Pavia Thursday morning and started heading north we could see snow covered mountains in the distance. It was a beautiful sunny day and I suspect the snow was all new from the storm we’ve had in the last few days.

Driving north towards Lake Como

Booking hotels is always a bit of a gamble. A hotel can look great and have great reviews online but then turn our in reality to be a big disappointment. Especially at the end of our trip when we spend two nights in places we hope we will have a hotel and a room that we will find enjoyable to relax in. The hotel Duke booked on Lake Como, the Grand Hotel Cadenabbia, is in a nice location but it is old. I was a bit worried the room might be small and dark. So it was a huge and very exciting surprise to see our room. We had booked a lake view room but I’m sure they upgraded us. We have a big sunny bright room with two big doors that open out on to a terrace overlooking stunning Lake Como. It’s heavenly.

Our room at the Grand Hotel Cadenabbia
The view from our terrace

During the afternoon we went for a walk along the lake and had snacks on the terrace.

Lake Como