Bordeaux – 2 October 2022

Way back in August when we were planning this trip I searched for a winery near Bordeaux that we could visit for a tour and tasting. I found Château Sainte Barbe, made a reservation and we went there today.

We decided to take public transportation instead of hassling with driving. First we walked across the Garonne to the Stalingrad bus stop.

Duke at the Stalingrad bus stop

Then we took a bus about thirty minutes north along the river.

On the bus to Château Sainte Barbe

Château Sainte Barbe winery has been making wine since 1650. We were the only ones on our tour and got to ask lots of questions about how the grapes are grown and how the wine is made.

One of the vineyards
The building where the grape juice is first stored in vats for fermentation
Upstairs in the vat building
The chateau where the current owners of the winery live.
The original cellars under the chateau.
Tasting the Château Sainte Barbe wine
The owner also makes a beer that is a combination of merlot and an IPA.

After our tour and tasting we took the bus back into Bordeaux.

Waiting for the bus.

For dinner we ate at Le Comptoir Fromage. I often order things on the menu that I can’t quite translate. My starter was Pastèque snackèe, feta fumée Maison, vinaigrette pistachio, grenade de tequila. It was very good and now I know that pastèque is watermelon.

My starter- watermelon, feta, pistachios

My main fish was Coquillettes au Gouda truffle et jambon. I didn’t know until it arrived that it would be macaroni and cheese with ham!

My main dish

Le Comtoir Fromage was right across the street from Bistro Réno.

Le Comtoir Fromage