Olbia to Pompei

Wednesday on our ferry from Sardina, at 5:40 we heard the first announcement that we were pulling into the harbor at Civitavecchia, the port of Rome. About 6:40 we got off the ferry and walked to the train station.

Leaving the ferry

We figured out how to use the ticket machine and bought our tickets to Naples. We got on the train stowed our bags, sat down and then Duke said “we are on the wrong train!” I thought he was kidding but he wasn’t. Luckily we were able to grab our bags, get off and get on the right train.

Civitaveccia train station at dawn

The trip to Rome took about an hour. I napped on the way.

On the train to Rome

In Rome we changed to the high speed train to Naples. I love high speed trains. The trip from Rome to Naples only took us about hour with no stops. It’s about 140 miles.

In Naples we bought tickets to Pompei. We took a packed local train to Pompei. And from there we walked about one mile to our hotel.

At the very nice Forum Hotel Pompeii we had a picnic lunch on our balcony. Then we napped all afternoon. Traveling when old is exhausting. 🤓

Picnic lunch on our hotel balcony

We woke up to have a great dinner in a nearby restaurant.


Olbia, Sardina

Monday we turned our rental car in at Olbia airport. I meant to say a little bit about the car in yesterday’s post but I forgot to. So I’ll let Duke tell you about it now.

Our Fiat Panda

Tuesday we took an overnight ferry from Sardina to mainland Italy. So we spent the day exploring Olbia and killing time. We checked out of our B and B at eleven and stored our suitcases. We walked all around town and out to the ferry terminal to check things out.


We had a two hour pizza lunch and then visited the local archaeological museum.

Remains of a Roman ship burned by the Vandals when they invaded Olbia.
Our ferry

We sat on a park bench and read for a couple of hours and then had pasta for dinner before retrieving our bags, walking back to the ferry terminal, going aboard and settling into our cabin. All in all a successful day. My watch says we walked a total of 8.5 miles!

On the way to the ferry
Our room on the ferry.

Now it’s 11 pm and our ferry is pulling away from Sardinia.